Chan Dongle - incoming calls

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Chan Dongle - incoming calls

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Incoming calls

On incoming call, chan_dongle tries to find matching exten in defined context (see dongle.conf). There is 3 different exten to search, in the following order:

Subscriber Number stored in SIM.
Number defined in variable exten in dongle.conf
s exten

To save Subscriber Number, you can write an entry for OWN NUMBERS storage on SIM. For example, in asterisk CLI

dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPBS=\"ON\"
dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CPBW=1,\"+79139131234\",145

After restarting dongle0, incoming calls will start dialplan from exten

exten => +79139131234,1,Noop()

also variable CALLERID(dnid) will be set to +79139131234

If subscriber number is unknown, then you can set this in in dongle.conf

exten = +79139131234

If subscriber number is unknown and there is no exten entry in dongle.conf, then s exten will be used as starting point in dialpan.
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